Personalised gifts

Items like jigsaws, kitchen wares and wall prints often pop up on gifting guides for ‘People that you don’t know well‘ or are under the title of ‘Not sure what to get someone?‘ and, as a result, they can seem like a boring and bog standard gift for someone that you do know well. Adding a personalised touch to an item can turn what could be considered a pretty dull present into the most talked about and admired item of the recipient’s gift haul. With any luck, it could even go on to become a much-loved family heirloom!

Personalised Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a great way to get the whole family involved in a group activity and is the perfect way to occupy everyone until dinner is ready! A personalised jigsaw puzzled could be a beloved family photo, a collage of images pulled from Instagram or even a family crest be it areal one or an imaginary one that perfectly describes the giftees. Personalised jigsaws are easy to create on photo printing websites.  For the true puzzle lovers in your life do not provide a picture of the finished image so they get to build their personalised puzzled piece by piece.

Kitchen Wares

Personalised kitchen goods can make a thoughtful gift for the budding chef in your life.  There are hundreds of kitchen utensils and pieces of equipment that can be made specific to the giftee, our favourite idea is an embossed rolling pin. Ideal for bakers, an embossed rolling pin has a raised pattern that imprints into the dough being rolled out.  You can purchase various different patterned, embossed rolling pins straight off the rack, but for an unique gift have the initials or that family crest we mentioned earlier embossed into the pin for a gift like no other.

Meaningful Wall Art

Like kitchenware, there is no shortage of prints and artwork to be found to hang on peoples walls. A meaningful gift doesn’t always mean having your loved one’s name plastered all over it; it could be a portrait of a building that holds special importance or a location that is the dream getaway. If you are a good photographer use your skill as the gift! Snap candid photos of your favourite family over a period of time and watch their faces light up as they unwrap their one of a kind gift

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Personalised gifts
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