Gifts for nature lovers

The great outdoors is full of wonder and grace and its beauty has been a constant source of inspiration for generations. Use it to provide a dose of inspiration of your own when it comes to gift shopping. Nature lovers will not only be delighted with a present that speaks to their special interest but will appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention to their hobbies.

Insect kits for kids

Engage a little one’s love of all things creepy crawly, many-legged and bewinged beasties by

gifting them their very own field equipment to carry out research into the mini creatures that live in their own back garden, park or day out. Items like a butterfly net, magnifying glass, and a mobile habitat to keep any newly discovered bugs safe while they are inspected.   Look for a kit that also includes a field guide to the min beast living in your area, this will be most helpful to the budding entomologists in your life.

Tour of a local wilderness or nature preserve

There is nothing quite like seeing something you love through the eyes of an expert.  Arrange a special tour of an area your recipient knows well with a specialist in the subject.  For example, a bird watching trip with a seasoned ornithologist will be an eye-opening experience for an amateur twitcher or birder.  Similarly, a walk with a conservation officer or nature ranger can give a different understanding of an areas biodiversity, history and future outlook. Check with the organisation who runs or manages the area your giftee is interested in to find out how to contact an expert in that particular field. National organisations may have a set procedure for booking something like this, but don’t be afraid to ask local, or smaller organisations even if they don’t obviously advertise it, most likely they will jump at the chance to engage with an interested party. If considering the gift of an experience with an expert for a child be sure that both the expert has experience with working with children on the particular subject and the child is genuinely interested in the topic, just because mum says that they like tramping through the hill doesn’t make it necessarily true!

Adopt an animal

Adopting an animal is a great way to encourage a lifelong appreciation of conservation in children, they will learn lots of interesting facts about the chosen animal and also gain an understanding of why the particular animal needs to be supported.  Many adoption kits offer pictures of the animal and also other items like a stuffed toy version and sometimes even updates throughout the year!  And for animal-loving adults, it is an ideal gift for that person who has everything!



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