Framing memories

Your life is full of special moments that are just as stunning as any work of art or special photograph that you would want to protect and showcase with a custom frame so why not put these memorable times on display with the same care you would show to a limited edition poster or print.

 Many people decide to frame a select few wedding photographs or graduation shots for display around the home or as mementoes for loved ones. When you are choosing a frame to showcase these celebrations consider adding in more than just photos, a copy of the sheet music played or the order of ceremonies will make the memories all the more vivid. If you are gifting the finished framed piece to a person who was not was not able to attend the actual event, the inclusion of the wedding invitation or a programme of events provides a delightful context for the photographs also included in the frame.


Romantic foodies who enjoy dining out for special occasions such as anniversaries and other relationship milestones may want to think about asking for a paper copy of the menu they ate from to remember the glorious meals they have shared together. If you would like to try this idea for yourselves, consider adding a date, or some other notation, to the menu to bring more of that context we mentioned earlier to the framed piece. Don’t forget to celebrate the people who made your meal possible. Ask if the chef or wait staff would consider signing the menu, not only will it be a wonderful talking point but the signees will no doubt love the opportunity to be asked for an autograph!  Lining a kitchen wall with framed menus may also have the added bonus, side effect of giving the culinary-minded couple inspiration and ideas for things to try and recreate themselves… Hopefully when you come round for dinner!

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